Monday, March 22, 2010

Spa Centers, Massages and Body Treatments @ Yoyoy Spa

The perfect treat after a hard day's sightseeing would be to head for one of the numerous spas in KL and let their professionals soothe your aches and tension away.

Each has a specially designed spa and equipment, with attractive packages for various budgets. Experience a wonderful time in the hands of professional consultants and masseurs.

Some packages offer a combination of two or more of treatments.

Here's what the spas of KL have to offer you...


Luxuriate in comfort as professional hands knead at tired muscles and soothe knotted tension away. A body rub in KL is always value for money - most Asians have perfected the art of massage and here is no exception. There are various massages with differing techniques used, but whatever you choose, the expert hands of the masseur will have you completely relaxed in no time.



The ancient Egyptians used it, so did the Chinese, Italians and Indians. Aromatherapy has been around for a long time and involves using essential oils of plants - seeds, bark, stem, blossoms, resins and leaves - that are combined with certain "carrier oils" to use in a massage. Aromatherapy works when the oils are ingested or inhaled, and the healing properties of different oils either stimulate or calm the body.

Aromatherapy treatments include massages, facials, body wraps, baths, inhalations and compresses. As beneficial as it may be, aromatherapy may not be suitable for expectant mothers as some oils may pose a danger to them. True essential oils are commonly kept in dark glass bottles.

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