Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5 Tips To Impact Beautiful And Stay Young

Every woman would want to always look beautiful and young, many factors that affect so you can always look beautiful and young, how to make it look beautiful and young? The following I'll give you 5 tips potent that always looks beautiful and young:

• Always think positive
Greatly affect your mind, for example if you are experiencing stress or having a lot of mind you will surely face look older, so I recommend to always think positive and smile, if you receive any issue as something that is good then your face will look more young

• Exercise regularly
If you want to always look beautiful and young I recommend to regularly exercise at least once a week, in addition to making a healthy exercise routine will make your face and your skin look younger

• Regular consumption of fruit and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables usually contain many minerals and vitamins that are believed to maintain healthy skin and freshness of the face

• Choosing a cosmetic product
Be careful in choosing a cosmetic product because if one chose would be fatal to your face, I suggest you to identify your skin type before choosing a cosmetic product to suit your skin needs.

• Get enough sleep
Sleep 8 hours a day can help the body to repair damaged cells

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