Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to Be a Happy Single Woman

  1. A single woman has a great chance to be successful in her carrier so if you are a working woman then just concentrate in your office life, this will not only keep you busy but it will make you confident and a dignified person.
  2. Try to take some time for your beauty because you don't want to look dull and boring so start from work out, exercising makes you poise and look refreshing besides it makes you feel good or just join a gym near your home.
  3. Be regular for your spa and styling at least twice in a month go for shopping and buy clothes and accessories which you find comforting and elegant.Take care of your skin and hair buy branded products which suits you if you like make-up then buy that too.
  4. Make new friends and hanging out with them makes you feel relax if you are interested in some painting,drawing,cooking......then join some classes because you are doing things for yourself.
  5. Always think that you are strong and you'll always take care of your self.


  • Women who are not single always admire single woman because they can do anything without being pressured.
  • Always have a smile because it shows a elegant and independent life.


  • Never think that being single is "uncool" it is way better than "cool".

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