Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to Be Cute and Cool

  1. Define your idea of cute and cool. It's not only the clothes you wear or the makeup, but your attitude and opinions as well. 
  2. Choose your clothes and makeup. Select your fave dress or clothes. Match a quality makeup style with the clothes.
    • Don't overdo the makeup. Allow the clothes to also reflect your style and good taste. Only add makeup on your lips, eye lashes and your cheeks.
    • Add some accessories. Choose accessories like earrings, a necklace and bracelets. If you want to add a hat, then sure.
    • If you have a hand bag, add it as you want.
    • Choose some quality shoes. The sort of shoes you want will depend on what activity level you have - flats or sneakers for a sporty style, high heels for classic or chic style, ballet flats for many looks.
  3. Fix your hair. While you can design anything, don't waste too much time. A neat, tidy style is better than anything takes you ages to produce.
  4. Have excellent posture. Don't slouch or try to shrink into yourself. Hold yourself high and walk like a model or a confident person. And be confident!
  5. Laugh a lot, be happy, and smile. Cute is all about being likable and friendly; make sure your personality reflects this.
    • Giggling is cute.
  6. Hang out with your pals. Make your time cool by doing cool things.
    • Go to the movies, the mall, shopping.
    • Dine out together in cool cafes and cool meal places.


  • For your hair, maybe let it go or tie it a pony tail or half pony tail. Don't try too hard!
  • Swing your hair for a little flirt trick. If you want something or to get someone's attention, doing this with a wave works on just about everyone


  • Don't be mean, rude, or critical of people. That's not cute and not appealing. If you don't like what someone looks like, keep it to yourself.

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