Friday, October 5, 2012

What Characteristics Attract Men? Some Women Are Men Magnets, Here's How They Do It

Over the last two weeks I taught an EFL class to my adult students on dating and relationships. In every country, dating and relationships is at the top of everyone's list of favorite things to talk about and, surprisingly enough, from my experience, men in every country pretty much want the same things. When it comes to attracting men and being an attractive women to men, most of my male students said the same thing and, not surprisingly, they were the same things men all over the world say when they talk about the kind of woman they like. So, if you want to attract a guy, what kind of woman do men like and why are they attracted to that kind of woman?

Men Like Women Who Smile a Lot - When I asked my male students, aged 24 to 40 years old, what attracted them most about a woman every single one said "A woman who smiles a lot". If you smile a lot, men think you are friendly, approachable and happy. Nobody wants to hang around with a miserable person but everyone likes to be with a happy one. Being a woman who smiles a lot also attracts men because you also look self confident. So, the next time you're trying to attract Mr. Right - smile! Even if it's not love at first sight in his eyes, he's a lot more likely to come and talk to you if you're smiling.

Men Like Self-Confident Women - If you're self-confident, it's much easier to attract a guy. A self-confident woman looks like she's in control, she's not easily controlled and she's happy with her life. Even if you're not self-confident, fake it. Self-confidence is one of the biggest tools you can use to attract a man.

Men Like Women Who are a Challenge - Being a challenge doesn't mean not returning his phone calls or playing a game by turning down a date if he calls after Tuesday night ("The Rules" women really have a lot to answer for). What being a challenge means is not pursuing him but just getting on with your life and letting him do the work. Remember, in a relationship with any man, the less work you do, the more he will do. Every single man I've ever asked has agreed with this, even if they hate to admit it.

Men Like Funny Women - Most men like women who can make them laugh and also women who laugh at their jokes. If you can make a guy laugh, you look like you'll be fun to be with and his interest in you has already gone up a notch.

Men Like 'A Cool Girl' - A lot of my male students said they liked a 'cool girl'. Then, when I asked what a 'cool girl' meant, they all pretty much had the same answer. A cool girl is one who is laidback, fun to be with, doesn't cause a lot of drama, likes hanging out with guys, and doesn't put too much pressure on them. A cool girl doesn't complain too much or act like she has too many problems. She knows when to give them some space and she has her own life. But she also doesn't put up with their b.s. if they're not being nice to her. A 'cool girl' is basically a girl who's like one of their buddies, but who's cute and sexy too.

Men Like Thin Women - Most of the men in my class didn't really talk that much about liking beautiful women. In fact, some of them said they didn't. But, when it comes to body type, most men like thin women and they look at the size of a woman's body often long before they're noticing a woman's face. If you're having problems getting dates and you think your size might be a factor, go on a diet and exercise program. Not only might it attract a few more guys, but it will leave you feeling happier and healthier too.

Men Like Women Whose Life is in Order - All of my male students said they wanted a woman whose life was in order. Several said they might initially be attracted to a woman who seemed a bit flighty, but a woman like that wouldn't attract them for long. When men start to date someone, they're often thinking about marriage and who is going to be the mother of their kids. Because of this, a woman who seems to always have problems, is always creating drama, and can't seem to handle her life properly isn't someone they're going to want to be with for long. So, if you're serious about attracting that special guy, get your life in order first. No man likes a woman whose life looks out of control.

Men Like Women Who Are Mysterious - Many of my male students mentioned they like women who seem a bit mysterious. A mysterious woman to them is one who doesn't always tell them everything, who doesn't discuss every little problem and every little thing that's going on in their lives. A mysterious woman is more interesting to most men as it gives them something to figure out. If it's all laid out on the table, it becomes boring quickly and that's when a guy is usually off looking for someone else. Be a bit more mysterious with the guy you like and you may be surprised at how more appealing you seem to him. 

Attracting a man really isn't that difficult. Just get on with your life, have fun, make the best of everything, work on your self-confidence, take care of your body and be a bit mysterious. If you can master these few simple tips about how to attract a man, you really will be fighting them off with a stick.

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