Monday, October 15, 2012

Beauty Course in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Below are the list of courses for those who would like to learn certain individual subjects or treatments to complement their current skills.

• Facial Course (4 Different Types of Facial) RM 600
• Traditional Massage RM 800
• Swedish Massage RM 800
• Thai Massage RM 800
• Relaxation Massage RM 800
• Spa Body Therapy RM 900

Complete Spa Course RM 3000:

1. Facial Treatment Course
2. Sinus Therapy
3. Thai Massage
4. Swedish Massage
5. Spa Body Therapy
6. Manicure
7. Pedicure
8. Foot Spa

Other benefits of this course:
• Train to become a skill therapist.
• Suitable for both beginners & experienced.
• Friendly and conducive environment.
• Trainers with proven practical experience in this industry provide the expert guidance.
• Learn the skills needed to start your own business.

Theory & Practical: Starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm on each day you will be taught all of the practical skills you will need to deliver a full treatment. There is no practical test. We assess your understanding and ability of each treatment technique as it is taught.

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