Friday, October 19, 2012

Kursus Kecantikan.


Below are the list of courses for those who would like to learn certain individual subjects or treatments to complement their current skills.

• Facial Course (4 Different Types of Facial) RM 600
• Traditional Massage RM 800
• Swedish Massage RM 800
• Thai Massage RM 800
• Relaxation Massage RM 800
• Spa Body Therapy RM 900

Complete Spa Course RM 3000:

1. Facial Treatment Course
2. Sinus Therapy
3. Thai Massage
4. Swedish Massage
5. Spa Body Therapy
6. Manicure
7. Pedicure
8. Foot Spa

Other benefits of this course:
• Train to become a skill therapist.
• Suitable for both beginners & experienced.
• Friendly and conducive environment.
• Trainers with proven practical experience in this industry provide the expert guidance.
• Learn the skills needed to start your own business.

Theory & Practical: Starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm on each day you will be taught all of the practical skills you will need to deliver a full treatment. There is no practical test. We assess your understanding and ability of each treatment technique as it is taught.

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