Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rejuvenate your body & mind with a relaxing Malaysia spa experience.

In real life, you've been working overtime for the past few aeons, fighting your way through traffic every morning, chasing impossible deadlines, being yelled at by your boss, colleagues and clients. You come home tired, cranky and downtrodden, sorely needing a hug but Mr Right is out for the night with his buddies. Comfort is nowhere to be found. What's a girl to do? 

Give yourself a treat. Like a kitten retreating to some quiet, secluded spot to lick her wounds, visit a spa and purr away in comfort for the rest of the day. Enjoy stress-relieving body massages, try out an invigorating body scrub or give your hair a special treat of freshly prepared herbal and fruit shampoo and conditioner. Get yourself a manicure and pedicure. Leave all your worries outside the spa (they're not going anywhere). Enjoy the moment and allow yourself to be treated like a queen. 

The great queens of Egypt, Cleopatra and Nefertiti, certainly knew how to pamper themselves. They had milk and honey baths in a room filled with aromatic scents; to maintain a youthful look, they used mixtures of almond oil, fermented fruit juices and frankincense as facial masque. Javanese princesses of old adhered to the jamu tradition and a vast knowledge of beauty know-how, using local plants and herbs passed down through the generations. 

Today, royalties and celebrities  aren't the only people to enjoy such luxurious treatments. The rest of us regular folks deserve a little spoiling every now and then too. One of the choicest spots for some serious pampering is the exclusively female Yoyoy Kamphora Spa.

The Ken Dedes treatment, named after a queen from the seventh century Majapahit empire, gives you all the pampering you'll need with rich lulur scrubs, hot oil massages, herbal baths and the ratus, a time-honoured cleansing treatment that promotes feminine hygiene. 

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