Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to Be Smart and Cool at the Same Time

Many people think that if you're a straight A student or you like making computer programs, you are a nerd. However, you can be smart and cool at the same time. This guide will teach you how to transform from a nerd into a totally cool dude without changing interests.

   1. Analyze the situation. How nerdy are you? Are you a nerd at all? We're not talking about how smart you are. You need to figure out how people perceive you, for the most part. Slightly dorky, but mostly cool? A normal kid with a geeky side? A total social outcast? Someone you wouldn't expect to have good grades? Don't let what you find out in this step get you down or make you arrogant. Others' opinion of you isn't the end of the world. We are just using it as a tool for your personal development. Besides, you're not really "nerdy." You're just smart and you happen to be capable of forming interests without the validation of the mainstream.

  2. Learn to listen. Sometimes you might not notice that you are talking and think that people are actually interested but they are annoyed or bored. If you can't think of anything to say ask a question that is not too lame. Most people like to talk about themselves. It's good to be talkative and able to hold up a conversation, but make sure to let the other person or people speak - really listen when they are talking. Practice your speaking skills with people you feel comfortable with, like a sibling or neighbor.

   3.Do not talk too much about your personal life. If someone asks what you like to do for fun, don't lie. Just answer honestly (no matter how geeky the answer is). But do not go into much detail. For example, if you like to make web-pages, don't say "I make the best web-pages without even using any programs. I make them with notepad because I memorized HTML and I'm fluent in javascript, and I hate how the "WYSIWYG" editors force you to conform. I also like to play MMORPGS, Warcraft on the Dalaran server, to be specific, blah-blah-blah." Just say, "I like to use the computer and play videogames." If they ask you specifically, say "I make websites", or "I like to play Warcraft". Don't go into details, unless you're asked, because most people don't care. They're just making conversation (something you'll soon be doing!) If you play a sport or do something else in your free time, like go shopping, go to the beach, watch movies or eat at your favorite restaurant - you might want to mention that too, in order to downplay your "nerdy" hobbies. Make sure you ask them what they like to do.

   4. Avoid getting obsessed with things that don't really matter. For example, do not care about your post count on any forum. Or don't care about your page views. The point of forums/communities are to share thoughts, ask questions and discuss topics, not have 65,405 posts and 485 topics with 6,584 replies. Life is too short to freak out about stuff like that. Go outside and get some fresh air or learn to play an instrument instead of wasting your time with that. And if it really is that important to you, you probably don't want to mention that to most people.

   5. Do not brag. Do not try to say that you are better than someone through bragging. You think you're being cool, but bragging is annoying, and that makes you annoying. Don't be a know-it-all who always corrects people's grammar and ideas either.

   6. Do not do pointless things that other people label as "cool." For example, care more about knowledge than your grades. Fail rather than cheat. Have some integrity and class!

   7. Disregard what some idiots think about you. Don't even respond if someone insults you (unless you want to look up some snippy comebacks). You know that you're cool. Don't lower your mentality to theirs! If they keep bothering you, you can walk away or use one of those snippy comebacks and then walk away.

   8. Have good hygiene. Nothing screams "NERD!" like gunky teeth, greasy hair and too-small clothes. It is kind of sad that people place so much importance on looks, but it is the truth. For right now, it's best to just stay healthy and clean for wellness's sake. Shower daily, brush your teeth, floss, wear deodorant/antiperspirant and brush your hair. You might want to save up for money to buy new clothes if you are sick of people making fun of yours. You don't have to buy exactly what the "popular" kids wear, but something stylish and flattering works fine. Ask a friend if you need help. If you have glasses that you think detract from your appearance a lot, you can always try contacts. If you can't wear contacts for some reason (sensitive corneas, for instance), don't worry about it. Plenty of really cool and smart people wear glasses. And don't worry about people thinking braces are dorky. See all those perfectly straight teeth on the movie stars? Most of those have had to deal with years of orthodontic treatment.

   9. Try to be balanced. Do you have a mighty brain but weak and uncoordinated muscles? Build up your strength and stamina through sports or other daily physical activities. Studies show that daily exercise improves your brain and your mood.

  10. Dress cool! You can be a nerd in the inside just don't show it! Wear cool stuff out side! But be smart!

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