Friday, March 11, 2011

Martial arts for ladies…. Yes or no?

Can ladies fight and is it worth training?


A popular debate focuses on whether women should practice the martial arts and, if they do, whether they have any real hope of defending themselves against a man.

This is far from a trivial discussion. If the techniques taught in martial arts classes do not function when an average woman tries to apply them on the street, that means most of the women and many of the men who are learning the martial arts for self-defense may be wasting their time.

 To help readers arrive at some conclusions, Black Belt examined the issue of whether women can defend themselves with typical martial arts techniques and, if so, which techniques they can depend on in a street encounter.

For expert advice, we went to Los Angeles-based fighter Mimi Lesseos. Hers is a name you may not recognize, but after reading this article and studying the photos, we believe it is one you will not soon forget.

None of the opinions above or the article necessarily represent the opinions of this site, but feedback is always welcomed.

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