Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Maintain Your Health

  1.Know how our health can be harmed. There are mainly three factors that harm us, micro organisms[microbes], malnutrition and injuries. The microbes use our body for satisfying their needs. This eventually harms our body as it starts to run out of vital cells and nutrients, we fall sick. There are times when we might even receive a life long effect or damage. Our body has it's defence mechanism against diseases that consists of special cells that are assigned only in the destruction and disposal of such microbes. 

They require different nutrients. The second factor is malnutrition. Our body requires different substances for it's complete functioning. Apart from building cells, it also produces substances like gold. Scientists do not know how or why the body produces such substances. But it appears that they are vital. In order to produce these, the body needs the required nutrients that can be supplied only through a proper meal. The third factor is physical injuries which can only be avoided, not always prevented.

   2. What you need. The basics that everybody says. proper food and exercise. But this article is meant to give the details.

   3.Get the food you need. It's absolutely correct that you are what you eat. which means that if you want to stay healthy then you must eat healthy. Eating healthy means eating proper food. Meals must be properly cooked and must supply the nutrients your body needs. Accordingly, the food must always be properly cooked in every form and salads should be thoroughly clean in order to avoid entry of harmful bacterias and fungus. 
The second thing is the nutritional value. Your food must contain calories but only to the amount you can burn. Your meals must also contain: green vegetables, nuts, onions, grains and yogurt. These must be had every day. The green vegetables enrich the blood and help the hemoglobin. They have large amounts of minerals and protect against diseases. The nuts are nothing but concentrated fats and minerals, making them the ideal breakfast munchies. Onions are not so tasty but they help in purification of the system. 

They protect against asthma and stomach cancer. The grains and yogurt help in the digestion as they provide fibres and enzymes for the body. The fruits are the second thing to keep in mind. Fruits are best had in the very season that they ripen in. - eg: oranges ripen in winters and provide vitamin C which prevents the damage to the skin that is caused by the cold and dry weather. 

   4. Drink water. Water, water everywhere. Yes, water. and that though plenty of it. A recent scientific research has also stated that healthy people must drink at least 8 glasses[250ml] of water. This simple procedure purifies your immune system from all impurities and therefore helps fight pimples. It purifies by removing the toxins that trigger stress and other harmful emotions.

   5. Exercise. After all that eating, you need to went it out. All this energy can get accumulated if not used properly and dieting can not control it. The only way is to exercise if you don't have a job that can drain your energy. This is important and the only solution to obesity. Apart from the gym, try doing exercises that strengthen the muscles. These can be learned from any body builder or wrestler. If you are unable to do any exercise, then certainly do start to walk. Don't jog or walk fast, simply walk at your comfort level. This will also help you mentally.

   6. Get some sun. When they say that sunlight is important for all life forms, they mean that every life form requires sunlight even if they do not perform photosynthesis. Our body requires vitamin D which it will produce on it's own when the skin comes in contact with sunlight. The best time for sitting in the Sun is during the start and end of winter.

   7. Reduce stress. This point does need a highlight. Some people who are prone to stress or have a tension filled life must stop. If you are one of them, then stop this schedule right now. All efforts will go waste[even this article] if you take stress. Stress can be curbed by the one hour walk suggested above. But the first step will be to take a leave for at least 2 days. Then you should start walking and during this break, forget work. Nice excuse but very important because stress can cause a lot of harm. A lot. If you really are stress prone, do consult a doctor.

   8.No Risk. When it comes to health, never take a risk. The value of health is most understood when you loose it. So don't risk it.

    * Try to follow as much as you can and at your pace.
    * Try to change your schedule and food slowly.
    * Try to constitute most of your meals with your regional food[where you have been living for the past few years] even when traveling. Because some meals are suitable for only the natives of the region, not you.

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