Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to Build a Good Personality and Impress Others

Human beings are different from animals and other living things in the unique fact that they are social animals. 
They live in a society. They have certain guidelines and laws to follow in such a society. An individual is a part of such a society. But to become an integral part of the society he need to have an attractive character combined with a pleasing behavior that leaves a lasting impression on each and every person to whom he interacts. This aspect of a person or individual can be termed as his "personality". Personality of an individual has no bearing whatsoever on his family background, class or other factors but at the same time a good personality takes a person to great heights braving against all odds.
An individual be it a man or woman's personality starts shaping up in the early stages of his life itself. There is an old saying that one's "house is his first school". This clearly implies that a child learns and imbibes a lot of things during his childhood itself. The living conditions, atmosphere, attitude of the parents, siblings and the society leave an indelible mark on the child's character till his last breath. A child develops good habits and mannerisms and a feeling of self confidence in the initial stages of his life itself.

Notwithstanding the above facts, a person in order to develop a good personality must essentially have the following qualities in him:

(i) Self confidence and positive attitude: A person should always have confidence in his abilities must concentrate on the positive aspects of his character. He must have the feeling that he is a vital part of the society and almighty has bestowed him with unique qualities that needs to be expressed and exploited not only for his own benefit but for the society also. There should always be an "I can do it" attitude with no ifs and buts. This self confidence and belief in oneself will develop a fiery determination and the person will achieve even the impossible through dogged pursuit.

(ii) Respect and goodwill towards every human being: A person of good personality must have the large heartedness to give due respect to every individual that he comes across irrespective of age, class, economical status, appearance or any other factor.

(iii) Fear of god almighty. A person who always has a fear of god almighty will think a thousand times before even thinking of committing any wrong deed. The fear that someone up above is watching and assessing his deeds and will penalize him for any mistake that he commits will always restrain him from hurting others be it small child also either mentally or physically.

Building a good personality not only implies being successful or rich in life, but it ensures that a person becomes an asset to the society in general and his family members and others with whom he interacts in particular.

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