Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pre Wedding Spa Treatments at Yoyoy Kamphora Spa.

  Pre-Wedding Pampering at Spa Kuala Lumpur and Spa Selangor, Malaysia.

You are greeted by the soft fragrance of aromatic oils and ambient music, and your body starts to unwind almost before the spa door closes behind you. Already you are imagining relaxing massages, soothing facials, body wraps and etc doesn’t that sound divine! 

If you’re in need of some serious pre-wedding pampering, a spa treatment is the answer. It’s the perfect opportunity to step aside from chaotic wedding day preparations and take the time to revive your body, soul and mind. 

Spas offer a wide selection of treatments and packages. Some are day only, while others include quite luxurious accommodation. Some offer the services of qualified alternative therapy practitioners, others specialise in professional beauty treatments. 

Spas are popular with brides-to-be because they can unwind while they indulge in a range of beauty treatments and therapies in preparation for their wedding day. Many spas offer pre-wedding packages specifically designed to sooth stressed minds and recharge weary bodies (how could you resist?). 

You might want to book in for a day spa with your bridesmaids, or pass on your hen’s night, opting instead for the tranquillity of a weekend spa package shared with friends. Depending upon the spa, the package might include facials, hair treatments, manicures, pedicures, mud wraps, salt body scrubs, make-up and massages. There are often more exotic sounding services on offer, and these can include:
  • Aromatherapy – this involves the use of genuine essential oils distilled from the flowers, bark, seeds, leaves, stems, and the fruit of plants. They can be used in massages, or in oil burners, and are said to help relax and soothe the body and aid in detoxification. 
  • Reflexology – the best foot massage you’ll ever have! Reflexology is based on the belief that the feet have reflex points that correspond to every part of your body. These points are stimulated by applying gentle pressure to the feet, which is believed to encourage healing and rejuvenation.
  • Therapeutic Massage – therapeutic massage involves the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues, which stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and can help in the elimination of toxins.
  • Hydrotherapy – this treatment involves a water massage and although different spas administer it in different ways (in a shower with multiple showerheads, or a deep tub with massaging water jets for example) the result is the same. A blissfully relaxed you.
  • Body Wraps – you are coated with a mask, or draped with seaweed, and sometimes wrapped in plastic or cloth. You’re then left in peace to relax, de-stress and absorb the benefits of the treatment.
Arrive early for your treatments. This gives you plenty of time to undress, and wrap yourself in a spa robe. For full body treatments, you will need to take everything off, including your underwear, watch and jewellery. You should also take off the stress of finding a caterer, the anxiety of creating a seating plan, and the problems you’re having with your florist. Let it all go. This is your opportunity to relax and be refreshed.

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