Monday, December 12, 2011

Buying a Medicine

It is very important for every patient to know the basic steps in proper buying a medicine. First a patient should read the doctor's prescription carefully. If it is not understandable, they should ask again and confirm it to the doctor. Not only should a patient be on the care of the medicine issued by the doctor. It should be much prescribed that a watcher of the one in-charge of the patients should always understand and learn the doctor's prescription and instructions. 
For example, if doctors prescribed medicine is to buy flomax because a patient is having trouble with his prostate, then, a patient and the in-charge should understand that flomax can be taken and designed for males only and not for females they must understand its usage that it helps in the blockage of alpha-adrenergic material. Second, after having been verified, the patient or the in-charge should select the drugstores with good quality products and must be registered to a governing body or institutions. This is to avoid buying not qualified and unregistered medicines that may cause risk for the patients. At the drugstore, a patient or the in-charge should ask the sales clerk or pharmacist for verification of the medicine if it is available or not. For example, if a doctor prescribed to buy evista, a pharmacist should carefully verify the doctors’ prescription and it is very essential that the pharmacist should know that is it is a drug used to treat or prevent osteoporosis in post-menopausal women. It can also reduce the risk of breast cancer and loss of bone tissue.
Third is, after verification from pharmacist, it is very important for the in-charge to always double-check the medicine bought and must count the number of pieces and most importantly, is the number of the milligram (mg) prescribed by the doctors. For instance, the doctors’ prescription for diabetic patient is to buy actos for it helps lower blood sugar along with a proper diet and exercise. It is very important that a patient should take the medicine in accordance with the instructions’ or prescriptions.

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