Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Have Inner and Outer Beauty

  • Smile: This has to be the number 1 key to inner and outer beauty. Smiling makes people want to get to know you. A smile is welcoming and warm. It can also trigger those beautiful eyes of yours.

  • Stand up for whats right :Leadership is important, especially for you beautiful ladies reading this article. If people try to bring you down or make you feel bad about yourself, stand up and tell them they're wrong! One day you'll be like 'Ha-Ha suckers! I won,you lost, I love to say i told you so!'
  •  Au Naturelle :A bunch of articles suggest that wearing a bit of make up is okay. Well to me, it's not!Maybe a little mascara, but beauty is skin deep. for example, your favourite actress/ model is famous and she wears tons of make up, yet she says she had major self-esteem issues growing up! Imagine how your fans feel. Fake Boobs, fake eyelashes, everything is just fake. You don't want to be that role model that's bassically a hippocrite! You were not born with all that jazz glued to your face, you were born Au Naturelle!
  • Be Yourself:Being yourself is so hard to do!Especially if you don't like yourself. I can't tell you how to be yourselves, Most of you I don't even know, that does not matter,anyways!If I can say(write) one thing about being yourself is to love who you are first, then starting acting like the real, true, beautiful you!

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