Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Appear Wealthy

  • Hygiene. Clear, flawless skin- use face wash and moisturize every day to minimize breakouts and blemishes. Also if you do have blemishes- use concealer!

  • Hair. Make sure you have the kind of hair that every girl wants and every guy wants to touch. Soft, maybe wavy, medium to long hair. Natural colors are best as well, but if you must dye it, make sure you have no roots showing and that the dye-job looks authentic.
  • Style. Watch Gossip Girl and pick up some style help. Blair, Serena, even Jenny- all have great 'rich girl' styles. Make sure that you don't wear 'branded' items, ex. a Hollister tee that says 'Hollister' on it. Better yet, stay out of American Eagle, Hollister, and any other teen culture kind of store! Mall brands are cheap looking and you want to look rich, right?
  •  Make-up. Clean and modest. Honestly, it depends on the occasion whether or not you go all out on makeup. Just buy drug store sale makeup (no one needs to raid your purse!) and have nice perfume as well.
  •  Shop BY YOURSELF. If you want people to believe that you come from old (or new?) money, than you need to be sure that friends don't see you searching the clearance racks. Try looking at classy, affordable stores like Forever21 and H&M. Try Nordstrom Rack too! Sears has oodles of 'rich' looking clothes, shoes and bags.
  •  Have a cell phone that you discreetly check often. You know, to be a bit modest yet just like other teens.
  •  Learn proper etiquette and manners. You don't have to be like this all the time - you can still be wild and crazy with your friends - but at classy parties and events (if you go to one) act like a host(ess) and be polite.
  •  Wear jewelry. NO PLASTIC that looks really costume-y. (if you know what I mean...) Wear fake diamond earrings (check out the Tiffany websites and find out the certain style you can copy), try to find some good knock off Chanel 'c' earrings- make sure NO ONE can tell they are fake though!! Try putting clear nail polish on fake jewels to protect them from tarnish or turning your skin green.
  • Get a bag that screams 'MONEY!' (however, don't put yourself out there as someone that could be stolen from) Either splurge or get a great knock off...and if you do find a good fake, NEVER own up to it. Say your great aunt gave it to you for your birthday, you know the one who lives far away...(I really do have a rich aunt- so it works like a charm)
  •  Treat yourself to manicures and pedicures.

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