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Talk Show Bella ntv7 - Yoyoy Kamphora Spa ( May 2012 )

The talk show topic - Massage

Traditionally, Malay women who have just given birth are advised to undergo the traditional massage for at least three consecutive days, and if possible, even longer. 

What are the benefits of the traditional postnatal massage? 

The postnatal massage will:
  • improve blood circulation;
  • expel lochia;
  • "lift" the womb and keep it from sagging;
  • break down fat;
  • tone and shape the body to help the new mum get her pre-baby body back;
  • speed up overall recovery from labour and birth.
Interestingly, the traditional postnatal massage includes breast massage in the belief that it will stimulate milk production. 

Indeed, at the unique Traditional & Complementary Medicines Unit (T&CM Unit) of Hospital Putrajaya and Johor Baru's Hospital Sultan Ismail, the Malay postnatal wellness massage includes a breast care programme that encompasses breast massage. New mums are also taught these techniques so they can perform the massage at home. 

Current Malaysia Hospital that practices TCM.

New mums who have their babies through vaginal deliveries at these hospitals (T&CM services are not available in any other government hospitals at the moment) can enjoy the Malay traditional postnatal massage as part of overall midwifery care.

New mums in the Malay community generally consider the 44-day confinement period a test of patience. At the same time, a great number of Malay women readily and willingly observe the restrictions and taboos that are part and parcel of this time-honoured postnatal tradition. It is said that women who diligently follow the traditional Malay confinement practices or pantang will regain their pre-baby figure, health and energy levels, as well as their looks. 

There's no denying that the confinement period is a bittersweet experience for new mothers in the Malay community. The traditional Malay pantang, which lasts for 44 days, is considered a test of patience. However, many do it willingly and diligently. The reason? They believe these postnatal practices can help them regain their pre-baby figure, health and energy, as well as help them stay attractive and alluring. 

There are several pantang practices that are still widely practised today, but it is thebengkung or traditional wrap (also known as a traditional girdle or even corset) that is the cornerstone of the confinement period. 

What are the benefits of bengkung

Tradition dictates that pregnancy and birth affect a woman's entire well-being. According to traditional beliefs, "a woman's body and all muscle, bone, nerves, joints and other organs have changed and grown and become swollen due to the hormonal influence of pregnancy. "Bengkung can flatten the stomach, shrink the uterus and tighten the vagina." 

It is also widely believed that the traditional wrap can also help:
  • flatten the tummy, reduce weight and tone the body;
  • protect the internal organs as well as help swollen organs return to their pre-baby state;
  • tighten the abdomen and other parts of the body that have sagged or lost their muscle tone after childbirth;
  • promote good posture that will aid in breastfeeding;
  • break down fat and cellulite;
  • prevent overeating.

There are three types of bengkung:
  • Bengkung barut, or the bandage bengkung, is similar to the traditional cloth carrier for children. It has a left and a right string which are tied together.
  • Bengkung Mia is a corset-style cloth with criss-crossed ties.
  • Bengkung Java, or entwining bengkung, is a broad piece of cloth (about 15m long) wrapped around the torso.

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