Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Malaysian Traditional Spa: Yoyoy Kamphora Spa.

Beauty & Health Spa
Holistic Approach to Beauty and Wellness - achieving wellness through balancing energy of the mind, body and spirit and achieving beauty through holistic wellness. This is the only way to lasting beauty and good health. There is energy within each of us. This life force needs to be recharged as we go through the daily challenges of life. It is only when the energy in our mind, body and spirit are in perfect harmony can we achieve complete and lasting wellness and beauty.

Our spa goes beyond selling treatments. We are here to offer you a true spa experience, to de-stress and improve your well being with our full range of facial, body and spa treatments using traditional Malay herbs. Our spa's tranquility and serene surroundings are designed specifically to pamper your senses.

Holistic Therapy

Natural therapeutic healing. Facilitating personal growth through transformation. Health is dependent upon balancing the life force within us. The pressures of life make this difficult - the mind cannot focus, the emotions are ever changing and the body begins to develop aches and pains.

Energy moves from strong to weak seeking balance. The body has its own self healing mechanism which works at a level below conscious thought. When this equilibrium is disturbed too much, what is required is an energy boost from a healer serving as a conduit for the life force to be channeled into one’s energy field. 

This increases one’s energy level and allows the self healing mechanism to work once again at maximum efficiency restoring health and well being. Healing can be used in acute situations or to facilitate good maintenance of the body.

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