Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Have an Attractive Personality

Jealousy isn't a pretty thing, but it's an emotion that springs out in the best of us. Perhaps you have a crush on someone and your fed up of your bubbly confident friend always stealing the limelight, making your crush laugh and joke around. Maybe you feel invisible, awkward or are unable to strike up a conversation in social situations. Don't worry because it is hard to be in a world where it seems everyone around you has an attractive personality and you don't. remember you are beautiful, and no one is any better than anyone else. 

Construct a list of things you love about yourself! Are you great at making people laugh, are you compassionate and loyal, do you smile and uplift the atmosphere or can you turn negatives into positives? It can be anything, and as simple as you like!

Do something different. If you're shy in group situations do something out of the ordinary. Find something your passionate about and do it! Join clubs outside and inside of school, find a hobby or expand on an existing one. For example, if you love writing like i do join writers groups in the library, start your own blog and talk about this hobby! By doing so you will encourage others to do the same as your confidence grows and grows.

Have fun. People who love to laugh and don't take life too seriously will attract others. Remember life's too short to care what people think, just be yourself and express it in as many ways as possible!

Laugh at yourself when you've done something silly and don't worry. people who can make fun of themselves are hilarious.

Watch comedians and funny TV shows like FRIENDS and SCRUBS!. it will uplift you and show you that you have a great sense of humour, you just need to have conversations and show this off!

Watch TV! Read! Go out! It will give you something to talk about!

Write down your worries, grudges and any negative thoughts in a journal and rip it up. Forget it all. Yes, there will be times when people or annoy you or something doesn't go your way but you've only got one shot at life so release the inner grudge and start afresh.

Sort out your day! Open the windows, blast your fave music, throw out the crap and tidy up. You'll find old diaries and things you've kept forever. Read them, look at everything you've achieved and realize what a great person you are.

You can never have enough friends. Families are also important, so spend time with people, listen to their stories and make memories with them. simply taking a walk will boost your positivity.

Exercise and eat healthily, and sleep well!

Display yourself positively. The most attractive thing is happiness and confidence, by doing the above you will become happier and more confident but don't get frustrated if you feel nothing, be patient.

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